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3M 8210 V Face Mask Supplier

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Product Description

3M 8210 V Face Mask Supplier USA, EU

3M 8210 V Face Mask Supplier

Product Features:

1. Disposable, single-use, breathable, light and environment-friendly;

2. High elasticity ear loop / head strap help fit different users and dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal;

3. Soft nose cushion for easy and comfortable fit;

4. Adjustable nose piece for extra comfort;

5. 3-panel design that accommodates greater facial movement during speech so much more comfortable to wear;

6. Breathing valve enables easy breathing and helps avoid moisture fogging inside the mask;

7. At least 99% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles.

Points for Attention: 

  1. Prohibited for use with damaged package;
2. Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen, as this respirator does not supply oxygen; Not for use in oil mist atmospheres;
3. Moreover, if the product becomes damaged, soiled, or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area immediately and replace the product;
4. This product is one-time use only as well as it can not be washed;
5. This product should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated environment with relative humidity less than 80% and without harmful gas.

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